Exclusive pricing is now available through TradingView

It’s that easy! All you have to do is start trading on TradingView to lock in big savings on Futures brokerage fees.* TradeStation futures pricing is 25c per micro and 75c per standard futures contract.

On top of our new lower pricing, we slashed our intraday margin rate to 10%, down from 25%, for mini-S&P 500, NASDAQ 100, and Dow Jones Futures contracts. It’s just one more way we’re here for serious traders like yourself.

Open a TradeStation account

Open a new account and enter promo code TSTVAGHY to qualify for this special offer!

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Harness the power of TradeStation and build your portfolio

On top of this new pricing, new clients can qualify for a cash bonus up to $3,500 when your transfer funds into your TradeStation account. The way it works is simple – the more funds you transfer into your account, the more cash we’ll deposit on top of it. The bigger the transfer, the bigger your reward. Additional terms apply**.

Qualifying Assets Deposited Your Cash Reward
$5,000 $150
$25,000 $300
$100,000  $500
$250,000 $1,000
$500,000 $2,000
$1,000,000 $3,500

Serious tools

TradeStation, the award-winning* platform, has teamed up with TradingView to offer access to a unique and powerful trading experience. Enjoy commission-free trades***, real-time market depth, direct market access, and more – all while incorporating TradingView charts, ideas, and social media capabilities.

  • Trade stocks, ETFs, options, and futures from your TradingView dashboard
  • Get fast and reliable order execution
  • Trade at home or on the go with our robust desktop, mobile, and web apps
  • Dedicated support

Serious trading

Traders need more than just tools – they need an effective platform to execute their strategies. In the third quarter of 2022 alone, TradeStation delivered nearly $16,160,934.09 worth of price improvement to our customers for equity and options orders.


Average price improvement per order filled

All marketable and marketable limit option orders.

0.038 seconds

Speed on covered NYSE market orders

Covered market orders 100-4999 shares.


At or Better %

Covered equities orders 100-4999 shares.