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The Basics

Stablecoins Move Past Bitcoin in Value and Volume

Market BasicsCryptocurrenciesWhile cryptocurrency asset prices remain in the cellar, as compared to their all-time highs in late 2017, a new crypto dawn has risen with “stablecoins.” A novel and newer type of digital token, “stablecoins,” are...

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What is Cryptocurrency?

Market BasicsCryptocurrenciesWhen the trading price of two cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and Ethereum, rocketed to the stratosphere in 2017, the term cryptocurrency rose to global popularity. It soon became part of the world’s vocabulary when The...

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What is Cryptocurrency’s History?

Market BasicsCryptocurrenciesIt’s been called one of the “great technological breakthroughs since the Internet” (Reuter News, 2014). In its brief history, crypto has had a significant reach across the financial world. In this article, we take a quick...

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How Does Crypto Compare to Traditional Currency?

Market BasicsCryptocurrenciesThe adoption of cryptocurrency as an alternative medium of exchange and store of value continues to grow worldwide. Crypto continues to gain acceptance from consumers, investors, technologists, regulators, merchants, and...

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What Are Some Popular Cryptocurrencies?

Market BasicsCryptocurrenciesAt this point, most of the world has heard of Bitcoin. It dominated the media in 2017 as its price shot up to almost $20,000 and investors readied themselves to jump on board. However, as we’ve discussed previously, the...

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What is the Blockchain?

What is Blockchain – and Why is it Transformative?

Market BasicsCryptocurrenciesTechnology analysts have said that blockchain may do for value exchange what the internet did for information exchange. That’s because blockchain technology combines the internet's openness with cryptography security to...

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How Secure is Blockchain?

Market BasicsCryptocurrenciesHow Does Blockchain Work? What is Blockchain Technology? A blockchain is a record-keeping technology, often thought of as a digital ledger. The name blockchain comes from the ledger's structure and how it records and...

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Blockchain in Action: Real World Examples

Market BasicsCryptocurrenciesBlockchain has continually proven itself across the cryptocurrency industry since Bitcoin’s launch in 2009. Today we know that distributed ledger technology can streamline record-keeping by providing benefits such as...

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What Makes Crypto Unique?

How are Cryptocurrencies Valued?

Market BasicsCryptocurrenciesMany investors and traders use technical analysis as a means of making decisions on crypto investments. As crypto markets have matured, sophisticated investors are beginning to also look at fundamentals as a proxy....

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Why is Crypto Exciting?

Market BasicsCryptocurrenciesWhat’s Behind All the Hype? When Bitcoin (BTC) launched in 2009, crypto's primary appeal was as a digital, secure, and confidential medium of exchange – operating without intermediaries. Since then, thousands of...

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How Different is One Crypto from Another?

Market BasicsCryptocurrenciesWhat are the Different Protocols and Layers of Crypto Assets? Grasping the entirety of the industry landscape can be daunting for those new to crypto. Over the past decade, the adoption of crypto has blossomed, leading to...

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How Does Trading Crypto Compare to Other Markets?

Market BasicsCryptocurrenciesIn this article, we briefly compare crypto trading with established global markets such as – stocks, also known as equities, and fiat currencies, better known as foreign exchange or forex. Before we dig into how trading...

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Market Specifications

What Are Stablecoins?

Market BasicsCryptocurrenciesStablecoins are a type of cryptocurrency. Unlike most crypto coins, stablecoins aim to sustain a consistent trading price and stable valuation. To do so, they are backed by relatively stable external assets or collateral,...

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