Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Traders Doubt Safety of Classic Safe Haven: Options Recap

So much for utilities being a safe haven. The SPDR Utility Fund (XLU) has risen about 6 percent in the last month, making it the...

Tech and FANG Languish as Sentiment Shifts

FANG seems to be losing its mojo along with the rest of tech as sentiment shifts in the market. FANG, if you don't know, stands...

Don’t Ignore This Currency as Fear Sweeps Market

The Japanese yen is gaining steam as fear sweeps the market. The currency has long been viewed as a safe haven because of Japan's huge...

Options Alert: Heavy Call Volume Appears in the Top Utility Stock

Utilities broke out to new highs yesterday, and an option trader targeted the biggest company in the sector. Check out the call unusual volume in...

Investors Shift to Safe Havens, Shunning Riskier Stocks as the Fed Taper Approaches

The S&P 500 fell yesterday, but a new kind of stock seems to be breaking out. Consumer staples, real estate investment trusts and utilities hit...

The Stock Market Has Changed Dramatically This Year. Here Are 3 New Trends

The stock market hasn't just pulled back in 2022. It's also showing new trends as investors react to very different environment from recent years....
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