Sunday, August 1, 2021

Nio Could Be Attempting a Breakout Before Earnings Next Week: Chart Study

Nio was one of the top stocks in 2020, making even Tesla look like a savings bond. It’s pulled back hard and...

Options Alert: Call Buyers Are Targeting a Fast Move in Home Depot

Someone's looking for DIY giant Home Depot to make a fast move this week. Heavy call volume was detected... Could Be Preparing for a Breakout: Technical Analysis

0 has consolidated since last August. Now it may be ready for a breakout, especially with the Nasdaq leading again.

Options Activity Is Rising in ‘Meme’ Stocks Like AMC and GameStop

Heavily shorted stocks like AMC exploded higher in January. Now they may be moving again, with options traders jumping on board.

Consumer Stocks Get a Boost from Amazon Prime Day, Plus Reopening and the Start...

Amazon Prime Day set records again this month, and more companies than just could benefit. Sales were estimated...

An Early Innovator Breaks New Ground Again. Can You Guess June’s Mystery Stock?

Innovation can be an essential element of success in the stock market. Now one of the earliest major disruptors could be breaking...

Tesla’s Stock Is Holding Support as Relative Strength Turns Positive

After months of weakness, Tesla may be charged for another move to the upside. Some interesting patterns have recently...

Tesla Faces a Make or Break Moment as Electric Vehicle Stocks Surge Back

Tesla's stock could be at critical juncture as investors rotate back to zero-emission stocks like electric cars and solar energy.

Housing Stocks Have Crashed — Just in Time for Mortgage Rates to Come Back...

Housing stocks rallied in early 2021 as Americans scrambled for new homes. Now they pulled back dramatically as lumber prices tumble and...

This Sporting Goods Stock Is Starting to Run: Technical Analysis

Dick's Sporting Goods has been running. Now, after a brief pause, it may be ready to keep moving. The...
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