Saturday, June 19, 2021

Traders Toking Profits as a Red-Hot Space Gets Smoked

Buy the rumor, sell the news. The old adage is playing out today as weed goes legal in Canada. Cannabis stocks have been pretty much...

Last Earnings Season Was a Tough Act to Follow

Last earnings season was a tough act to follow, but Corporate America is about to give it a try. Per-share profits climbed about 25 percent...

Mobile Market Alerts for Trading on the Go

Are you itching to hit the golf course, lay out on the beach or join your friends for lunch – but worried you'll miss...

How Balance Sheets Tell Company Stories

Can reading a balance sheet work like reading a good book? Forget what you might know about financial statements for a moment. Consider instead what...

Looking Back on 2008: Lessons from the Crash

Last week we marked the 10-year anniversary of the financial crisis. Today we'll look at some of the lessons traders can take from the...

What Just Happened to Airlines?

Delta Air Lines (DAL) got a mention on yesterday's Market Action segment, and today it's hitting turbulence. Sure, management announced that it carried a record 15.2...

The Subprime Crash Started a Decade Ago

October 2008, a month that's lived in infamy for many investors, is now a decade in the rear-view mirror. A decade ago today, the S&P...

Two Bulls in One? Patterns on a Forgotten Dow Member

When's the last time you looked at Johnson & Johnson (JNJ)? It's probably been a while, judging by the kind of names that generally...

Suddenly Another Global Name Is Moving

Attention has focused heavily on China, Italy and NAFTA. But suddenly today another part of the world is in play. The iShares Brazil ETF (EWZ)...

Final IPO Numbers Strong for September

Last week, Market Insights profiled a few stocks that recently went public. Today we're following up with official numbers for last month, which showed...
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