Saturday, July 13, 2024

What Is Event Risk? Why Does It Matter? How Can it Be Managed?

Investors face several kinds of risk in the stock market. Today we'll consider one of the most common: event risk. While some events are unexpected,...
This Mini Version of the Nasdaq Is Leaving QQQ in the Dust

This Mini Version of the Nasdaq Is Leaving QQQ in the Dust

Big cap technology stocks have struggled for months. But that's not true for their smaller cousins. The below compares the performance of the Invesco Nasdaq...

Here’s Your Ultimate Guide to Trading the Weak Dollar

A perfect storm of forces is lining up against the U.S. dollar. Here are some key things for investors to know. First, even if you...

GameStop’s Real Lesson to Investors: Beware of Crowded Trades

GameStop's short squeeze is one of the most discussed news stories this year. Whatever you think of it, one thing is clear for investors:...
Investor Education: Why Stocks Are Called Equities

Why Are Stocks Called Equities?

If you've been investing for a while, you've probably heard the term "equities." Let's explore what it means and why people call stocks "equities." Start...

Art of TradeStation: Go Deeper With Market Breadth

Market breadth analyzes the strength of the overall market by showing how stocks are performing in aggregate. It's a kind of technical analysis that...

Stocks Make a 3rd Monthly Record as Buyers Rotate Away from Growth

Stocks hit a new record for the third straight month in March, but there was significant rotation away from growth names and technology The S&P...

Apple, Inflation, Fed: Events Next Week Could Dominate Trading in June

June is starting, with major catalysts over the next eight sessions. First is Apple (AAPL). The smart-phone giant has mostly been excluded from the AI...
19 biggest losers of covid-19

19 Biggest Losers of COVID-19

It's hard to miss news headlines about COVID-19. The coronavirus outbreak has brought the world to its knees. Schools have closed, workplaces have shuttered,...
Guide to Value Investing in the Stock Market: P/E Ratios and More

What Are Value Stocks? Why Are They Suddenly Important?

Value stocks are surging in 2021 as the market positions for the economy to rebound. It's a big change from recent years, when so-called...
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