Thursday, October 21, 2021

Why Stocks Move: Business Volumes

This post, originally published on September 27, is part of a series about the catalysts for stock movements. It’s based on a series of talks at TradeStation’s Master Class learning sessions.

Showdowns in Tech: Let the Ad Wars Begin

0 (AMZN) has disrupted plenty of industries, and now the e-commerce giant is challenging major players in Silicon Valley. We're talking about digital advertising, a field long dominated by Alphabet (GOOGL) and Facebook (FB). While those...

Another Wild Ride as Stocks Keep Climbing

Stocks kept climbing last week, but it wasn't a smooth ride. The S&P 500 rose 2.1 percent between Friday, November 2, and Friday November 9. The index swung wildly as it tested a key level...

The Real Winner of Midterms May Be This Sector

Less than a week after the mid-term elections, health-care stocks have emerged as winners. Health care was a top issue ahead of the election, with voters demanding a response to drug prices and the cost...

Stocks Halt at Key Level as Greenback Soars and Retailers Climb

The S&P 500 paused at a key level yesterday, while a soaring U.S. dollar weighed on global stocks. It might feel like an eternity, but only three weeks ago, the S&P 500 rolled over near...
Naysayers Hapless as Worst-Case Scenarios Prove Elusive

Bright Spots as Big Tech Disappoints: Earnings This Week

The last week of quarterly results featured bad news from some high-profile stocks, but other names rose in prominence. Right off the bat, Apple (AAPL) had disappointing iPhone sales and stunned investors by saying it...

Bullish Rumblings in the Crypto Space

Quietly amid this week's elections, cryptocurrencies have been on the rise. CME's bitcoin futures (@BTC) touched their highest level since mid-October yesterday and are now trying to push above their 50-day moving average. Other tokens...

Volatility Evaporates as Election Drives Relief Rally

Stocks are enjoying a healthy rally today as the uncertainty of mid-term elections fades. With so much going on, let's just hit on a few key takeaways. First, health care is leading the rally after Democrats...

Support and Resistance at Play on Some Key Charts

Support and resistance may be at play on some key charts. In case you don't know, support and resistance are important price levels where buyers and sellers tend to be active. Traders often use them...

Why Stocks Move: Investor Rotation

This post, originally published on September 19, is is part of a series about the catalysts for stock movements. Sign up for TradeStation's Master Class learning sessions next week for the complete course.
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