Friday, September 17, 2021

Emerging Markets? More Like Diverging Markets!

A sharp dichotomy has appeared in emerging markets as Asia struggles and oil rallies. The iShares MSCI India ETF (INDA) is down 8 percent in...

Attention Returns to Oil as Iran Sanctions Loom

Bullish sentiment seems to be growing in the energy market as Iranian sanctions take hold. U.S. WTI crude oil futures (@CL) are pushing the top...

There Are Signs of Fear Leaving the Market

Stocks are bouncing today after Washington and Beijing exchanged tariffs. Beyond those headlines, various signs have suggested fear is leaving the market. First, look at...

Suddenly, Bulls Return to Global Markets

After months of pain, global stocks and assets are trying to rebound. The last two sessions have brought a sudden flow of positive news. So...

Bullish Narrative Potentially Returns to Oil

Just as quickly as they appeared, oil bears are on the run. Crude oil futures (@CL) closed at their highest level yesterday since July 10,...

Tracking the Bears in China

Global economic and financial issues are back in the forefront. Turkey's been the main story in the last week, but today China has some...

As Expected, Volatility Hits Global Markets

Just two days ago, Market Insights said that "traders hankering for volatility may want to keep an eye on currencies and crude oil." Both...

Oil and Currencies in Play as China Stumbles

Oil, China and currencies: They’re all in play today as a slew of global events sweep markets. Market Insights recently detailed how President Trump’s trade...

Don’t Forget about Iranian Sanctions Early Monday

President Trump's trade spat with China has gained a lot of attention this week, but don't forget U.S. sanctions on Iran take effect on...

Suddenly energy is flying

Energy's gone from forgotten to en fuego quicker than you can say "missiles over Damascus." Crude oil (@CL) hit $67.45 this morning, its highest level in...
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