Sunday, August 9, 2020
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Despite the Bears, Economic Forecasts Keep Going Up

Believe it or not, economic estimates keep improving despite the selloff in equities. Last week's retail-sales data and industrial production didn't seem too impressive at...

Don’s Notebook March 28, 2018

The selloff that began yesterday afternoon U.S. spread globally last night. Tech stocks led our loser list, with Nvidia Corp. and Facebook Inc. among the...

A Strange but Positive Jobs Report

"Non-farm payrolls miss estimates," the headlines say. But a deeper look at July's Employment Situation from the Labor Department reveals a more nuanced and...

Don’s Notebook May 24, 2018

Today’s weekly initial jobless claims was not in line with last week’s 222,000 figure. The Initial Jobless Claims report from the US Department of...

Why Tomorrow’s Non-Farm Payrolls May Be an Anticlimax

Monthly non-farm payrolls are usually a big deal for the market, but that may not be the case tomorrow.

The Fed, Apple, Facebook and GDP: Today’s a Super Busy Day

Today's one of the biggest sessions of the year, with a Federal Reserve meeting and major technology earnings.

Does Anyone, Anywhere, Want to Own Dollars?

We're in the thick of corporate earnings season, but some traders might start to wonder if the real story isn't happening in the currency...

Is This the Bottom?

The Dow was down 832 points yesterday, or over 3 percent – with the technology sector leading the market down, as the NASDAQ was...

Suddenly, Bulls Return to Global Markets

After months of pain, global stocks and assets are trying to rebound. The last two sessions have brought a sudden flow of positive news. So...
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