Monday, September 21, 2020

Don’s Notebook June 6, 2018

Today's International Trade report for April from the US Department of Commerce offers details on the first tariff effects. Overall, exports rose 0.3 percent...

Don’s Notebook June 28, 2018

The US Department of Commerce reported that Gross Domestic Product (GDP) price index came in at 2.2 percent which is above expectations which were...

Don’s Notebook March 15, 2018

This morning’s jobless claims report points to strength in the labor market with initial claims down 4,000 in the March 10 week to 226,000. ...

Don’s Notebook February 2, 2018

The results of Groundhog Day 2018 are in: According to legend, we're in for six more weeks of winter because Punxsutawney Phil has seen...

Don’s Notebook February 5, 2018

This Week in the Market This coming week is rather slow as far as economic reports go, especially compared with the past several weeks. But...

Don’s Notebook March 1, 2018

The S&P 500 Index’s closed February with a slide of 2.4 percent on Tuesday and Wednesday. This continues to set the tone for global...

Market Action Summary: 10/1/18

Click here to register for the webinar, which begins at 4:30 p.m. ET. S&P 500 overview Just finished best quarter since Q4 2013. Uptrend steepening, somewhat...

Don’s Notebook June 15, 2018

Economic data have been picking up strength but this was not anticipated in today's Federal Reserve Industrial Production report. A big drop in autos...

Don’s Notebook February 14, 2018

U.S. consumer price data -- the most anticipated inflation reading in recent memory -- posted at 8:30 a.m. Eastern Time. Headline CPI rose 0.5% in...

Market Action Summary: 3/18/19

S&P 500 Overview: Quiet melt-up continues Volatility low as money shifts between sectors.Defeated at 2800, what can bears...
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