Sunday, October 25, 2020

Is Oil Headed for Another Breakout?

Crude oil is pushing its highest level in almost three years as the market prepares for a big news on Iran. Is another breakout...

Why Yesterday Might Have Been a Big Day

Something interesting happened yesterday: a bullish engulfing candle on the S&P 500. That means the index opened below the previous session's low and closed above...

Why Strategies Are at the Heart of TradeStation

Trading strategies lie at the heart of TradeStation. The reasons are simple. Emotions cloud our judgment. Picking entries and exits causes stress. It's also hard for...

Don’t Laugh But This Group is Outrunning Tech

Coal miners have been surging as exports rise and key producers emerge from bankruptcy.

Has General Electric Finally Bottomed?

This post is for education purposes only and should not be interpreted as a trade recommendation. General Electric (GE) has been a member of the...

Does Anyone, Anywhere, Want to Own Dollars?

We're in the thick of corporate earnings season, but some traders might start to wonder if the real story isn't happening in the currency...

Big Tech Slammed Again As Rotation Continues

As the saying goes, the bigger they are, the harder they fall. That seems to be the case in technology stocks this week as large-cap...

Get the Most from TradeStation

Our award-winning platform has everything you need to tackle the markets with confidence. But are you really taking full advantage of everything TradeStation has...

Suddenly energy is flying

Energy's gone from forgotten to en fuego quicker than you can say "missiles over Damascus." Crude oil (@CL) hit $67.45 this morning, its highest level in...

Not All Stocks Are Trending Lower

The S&P 500 is headed for another losing month, but not all stocks are trending lower. Do you know how to find them with...
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