Thursday, October 1, 2020

Looking Back on 2008: Lessons from the Crash

Last week we marked the 10-year anniversary of the financial crisis. Today we'll look at some of the lessons traders can take from the event for their own use in the future. The first lesson...

Master Options at Our Power Session This Month

Are you getting everything you should out of the stock market? If you don't trade options, the answer is probably "no." Everyone has excuses: "Options are too complicated." "They have confusing Greek letters." "They have...

Some Interesting Chart Patterns as Q3 Gets Started

Stocks began July on a positive note yesterday, led by technology. Several big names are also showing some patterns that could be interesting -- especially if investors are seeking opportunities at the start of a...

Once again, stocks hit resistance

For the second week in a row, stocks advanced but stalled at a key level. This time it was the 50-day moving average, a seemingly magical level on the S&P 500 that everyone uses as...

How to Get the Most from TradeStation

Our award-winning platform has everything you need to tackle the markets with confidence. But are you really taking full advantage of everything TradeStation has to offer? Join us March 5-9 at our south Florida headquarters...

Why Strategies Are at the Heart of TradeStation

Trading strategies lie at the heart of TradeStation. The reasons are simple. Emotions cloud our judgment. Picking entries and exits causes stress. It's also hard for mere mortals to maintain consistency -- particularly when managing risk. That's...

A look behind yesterday’s wild session

This article is not a recommendation and is intended for educational purposes only. Yesterday was a roller coaster for the market, but it could suggest volatility will ease. S&P 500 futures (@ES) began the session down...

Here Come Earnings

It's hard to deny sentiment is building for a strong earnings season. Depending on who you ask, profits are projected to rise more than 20 percent. While the estimates vary, direction is positive because all the...

Chip chart may be showing trouble

After two years of monster upside, are semiconductors running out of gas? Chip stocks have not only fallen on bearish news recently. They're also showing some potentially worrisome technical patterns. Last week we covered how unhappy...

Why Now is the Time to Start Saving for Retirement

Time is a key element to investing. With even a small amount of money earmarked now for retirement, savers can reap a big rewards down the road.
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