Sunday, July 14, 2024
Tesla or General Motors? Check Out This Stunning Chart

Tesla or General Motors? Check Out This Stunning Chart

General Motors (GM) exploded higher last week after highlighting electric vehicles and the concept for a flying car. This chart compares the price action...
Tesla and Apple Fell Last Week. Here Are 4 Risks Facing the Nasdaq

Four Risks Face the Nasdaq After Technology Skidded Lower Last Week

Technology stocks just had their worst week since March as Apple and Tesla skidded lower. More risks could be on the horizon. The Nasdaq-100 fell...
GameStop Has Giant Outside Day Following Dramatic Short Squeeze

GameStop Reversal? Short Squeeze Hits an ‘Outside Day’ of Epic Proportions

GameStop just had one of the craziest trading sessions in recent memory. The video-game retailer entered the session with a year-to-date gain of over 1,600...

Stock Market Breadth Was Weakening Even Before Friday’s Sharp Selloff

Renewed coronavirus fears hammered stocks on Friday. But even before the selloff, key market internals were weakening. Technical analysts often study breadth, the aggregate behavior...

Facebook Crashes as Energy Soars: This Chart Shows the Massive Rotation Happening in the...

Stocks have barely moved this week. You almost wouldn't guess how much drama is swirling beneath the surface. Major stocks like Facebook (FB), (AMZN)...

Market Pulse: Homebuilder ETF: Oh Breakout, Where Art Thou?

Homebuilders were one of the strongest industries early in the pandemic as city dwellers headed to the suburbs. While the social trend has continued,...
QQQ Lags After FANG Earnings. Here's Where Money Is Shifting Now

QQQ Is Lagging After FANG Earnings. Here’s Where Money Is Shifting Now

In December, Market Insights noted how money was shifting away from large, well-known companies to smaller and less-known companies. That trend paused during earnings season...

The Bulls May Have An Uphill Fight with Apple, Amazon and Facebook in Congress...

The next two days have a ton of news on major technology stocks like Apple, and Facebook. There are also important things happening...
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