TradeStation Has Tools to Simplify Tax Reporting


Disclosure: This post is for educational purposes only. None of the information should be considered tax, legal or investment-planning advice.

Tax season is underway, and today’s post will cover a few tools to make reporting easier for TradeStation customers.

We’ll consider:

  • Using TurboTax®, the widely available accounting program
  • Gain/loss tax management programs
  • Downloading trading activity.

Tax Software

First, TurboTax® and TurboTax® online can capture key information like entries, exits and dividends. This video explains some of the key steps:

Gain/Loss Management

A second resource for traders at tax time is a gain/loss tax management tool. These services monitor and optimize tax positions. They can help visualize and manage realized and unrealized gains and losses throughout the year. They may also include reports to assist you in filing your tax return. This short video shows an example of using TradeStation Gain/Loss tool:

Downloading Trades for Tax Season

If you want to see taxable activity on your computer, TradeStation also provides a tool. This video explains how to save trade records onto you device using formats compatible with financial software packages:

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