Bears Swarm to Social Media Giant


It’s been a rough week for Facebook (FB).

The social media giant dropped almost 7 percent on Monday and at one point today was down another 6 percent following reports it gave an outside firm access to user information. Now management has to deal with a parade of regulators: The Federal Trade Commission, Congress, even the British are jumping on the bandwagon.1 Forget about “likes.” Now it’s all about lawyers.

Bearish trades lit up across the options market, with put volume swelling to 586,000 contracts. That not only outpaced other members of the S&P 500 by a wide margin. It was also FB’s biggest total since October 2013.

Even before news about the research firm, Cambridge Analytica, broke over the weekend, some negative vibes seemed to be percolating in the stock. In January management saw planned changes to its widely used news feed reducing traffic. Then later that month, usage in the key North American market had its first drop ever.2

Facebook (FB) put volume
Facebook (FB) chart showing put volume.

Worries went beyond the world of finance in February as actor Jim Carrey urged his fans to drop the social network.3 Then consumer-products giant Unilever publicly criticized the platform and threatened to cut ad spending.4 A German court ruled FB had broken rules on personal-data usage.5 Two separate researchers also found signs of slowing traffic and market share losses — especially for younger users.6

It hasn’t gotten much better this month, with management trying to backpedal on its news-feed changes and marketing agencies reportedly wary of buying some types of ads. Then you also have CEO Mark Zuckerberg dumping shares left and right.7

All told, FB’s in the midst of its biggest two-day slide in over a year. It’s also the second worst-performing company in the S&P 500 so far this week.

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