Upgrading Platform Questions

Upgrading Platform Questions

Using TradeStation in Multiple Locations

Can I use TradeStation at my home and office?

Yes, you can use the TradeStation platform on different computers in multiple locations. However, each individual login can only be connected to one computer at a time. You will be notified if you are already connected to the TradeStation Network and attempt to log in to the platform at a different location. A dialogue box will caution users that connecting to TradeStation will disconnect the session at the other location. In addition, since TradeStation manages and stores all the data, you will not have any data gaps at either location. If you would like to have the same EasyLanguage analysis techniques and workspaces available on both machines, you will need to import/export your work from one machine to the other. You can easily back up your TradeStation work to one file by using the Backup/Restore TradeStation tool that is available in the file menu. For more information about transferring your work or using the Backup/Restore tool, please see the TradeStation Platform Help Guide. You can view the guide by logging into the platform, selecting “Help” from the menu, and then selecting TradeStation Platform Help. You can also call Technical Support at 800.822.0512 or 954.652.7900.

Can I work offline?

Yes. TradeStation offers historical and streaming real-time data through the TradeStation Network. TradeStation caches the data for symbols you request onto your hard drive so that you can view this data offline when you’re not connected. However, traders must connect to the platform every 30 days to have the functionality to work offline.

Will I be able to get RadarScreen® and/or OptionStation Pro®?

OptionStation Pro is free for TradeStation brokerage clients. Subscription accounts may subscribe to OptionStation Pro for $59.95/month.

RadarScreen is free for per-trade brokerage accounts. For all other brokerage accounts, RadarScreen is available for $59.95 per month, but is free if you meet the monthly minimum activity requirements (10 round-turn futures and/or futures options contracts OR 50 round-turn single-stock futures OR 50 options contracts traded OR 5,000 shares traded OR a $100,000 monthly account balance). You will be able to select your optional features upon upgrading or completing your brokerage account-opening forms. Subscription accounts may subscribe to OptionStation Pro for $59.95/month.

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Software Updates

How will I know that there is a new update and how do I download it?

With the TradeStation platform, it’s automatic. Upon logging on, TradeStation will automatically notify you of a new update and you will have the option of downloading it then or waiting until later.

Is there a cost for updates/service packs?

No. The TradeStation platform is a subscription service and includes all updates.

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Market Data

What markets are available on the TradeStation Network?

The TradeStation Network provides data on stocks, indexes, mutual funds, options, futures and forex.

How much historical data is available on the TradeStation Network?

The TradeStation Network provides historical price and volume information for virtually every stock, futures market and major index traded in the United States, including 47+ years of historical daily data for some stocks and futures, and Dow Jones Industrial Average daily data from 1920. In addition, historical intraday data (minute and above) is available: 24+ years of intraday equities data, 30+ years of intraday futures data and 8+ years of intraday forex data. The TradeStation Network also includes back-adjusted contracts for the major futures markets.

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How secure is the confidentiality of my EasyLanguage analysis techniques, strategies and workspaces?

All of these are saved on your local computer hard drive, and TradeStation has no way to view them.

What happens to analysis techniques and strategies I've edited or created in a previous version?

Analysis techniques and strategies should be upgradable to newer versions of TradeStation. However, analysis techniques and strategies created in later versions of TradeStation cannot be reverted to a previous version.

Will the analysis technique or strategy that I purchased from a third-party software provider or received from someone else still work (.ELS, .ELD, or .ELA files)?

Yes. Any analysis technique or strategy created in TradeStation can be imported into newer versions of TradeStation.

If I am a third-party software provider, what security measure should I use when creating my analysis techniques/strategies?

Each TradeStation subscriber is assigned a Customer ID number. This field should be used as the security key when validating a user. As with the Block Number, this field will be passed by the TradeStation Network upon request. The keyword in EasyLanguage is Customer ID.

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Computer System Requirements

What are the recommended computer system requirements for running TradeStation?

Click here for the list of requirements.

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Are my workspaces forward compatible with newer versions of TradeStation? Will they be automatically converted?

Saved workspaces created in TradeStation will be automatically converted to the most recent version after completing a software update. However, workspaces created in later versions of TradeStation cannot be reverted to a previous version.

Does TradeStation support third-party data formats (e.g., CSI and Metastock)?

Yes. TradeStation can plot charts of third-party ASCII and Metastock data files, and you will be able to apply analysis techniques and strategies to those charts. However, charts will not update with current pricing after importing third-party data.

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