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What's New in TradeStation 9.1 - Update 2

Enhancements to the Walk-Forward Optimizer

TradeStation recently unveiled the Walk-Forward Optimizer (WFO), the ultimate stress-testing tool for strategy traders. The WFO automates the complex task of stress-testing trading strategies – so you can deploy your strategies faster, with greater confidence. TradeStation 9.1, Update 2 contains several additional enhancements to the WFO.

The new Monte Carlo Analysis feature further bolsters the WFO’s analytical capabilities by enabling users to more precisely evaluate key statistical outcomes – such as strategy drawdown and total return on equity – for single or multiple walk-forward equity curves. Other WFO enhancements in this update include the display of future re-optimization dates and the ability to view the optimization ranges for all inputs. Read more

Although the TradeStation development team has begun rolling out 9.1, we’re always hard at work addressing the feedback you’ve provided thus far. Read more

With the release of TradeStation 9.1, Update 2, the development team will take a short breather for the holidays and rest up for what promises to be an exciting and feature-packed 2012. We have lots in store for the coming year, so stay tuned and have a great holiday season.