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Portfolio Maestro


If you trade multiple symbols and strategies, TradeStation Portfolio Maestro is a highly sophisticated tool that provides portfolio-level performance reporting, risk assessment and optimization for virtually any combination of symbols and strategies.
  • Precise Portfolio Analysis - Portfolio Maestro utilizes a relative approach in evaluating (back-testing) portfolios - the approach that most closely simulates the actual performance that could be achieved if the portfolio were traded in real time.
  • Complete Performance Evaluation - Portfolio Maestro's performance and optimization reports - including advanced analytics such as Monte Carlo Analysis, Correlation Analysis, Walk-Forward Analysis and Genetic Optimizations - provide a complete analysis of the portfolio from multiple perspectives.
  • Superior Portfolio Management - Portfolio-wide constraints allow you to effectively manage exposure, protect profits and limit the downside risk of the portfolio.
  • Seamless Integration with TradeStation - While previous portfolio back-testing tools were difficult to build and utilize, Portfolio Maestro is closely integrated with the TradeStation platform, offering seamless access to strategies and data for traders at every level.
Portfolio Maestro

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