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Other Rates and Fees

Pricing for Other Common Instruments

T-Bills1 Bonds1 Mutual Funds1,2
for equities
plus $5 per bond

per trade

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Service Fees & Interest Rates

All Accounts
Service Fee
Return Mail Fee $5 per item
Stale Dated 180 Days Void Check Fee for Un-cashed Check $50.00
Equities Accounts
Service Fee
Hardcopy Statement/Confirmation Postage & Handling Fee $1 per page
Transfer and Ship (Physical Certificate) $500 per certificate + overnight fee
Physical Certificate Deposit $500 per certificate
DWAC (Deposit or Withdrawal)  $150 per settled transaction 
DRS Transfers (Book Entry Held at the Agent) $25 per issue (incoming or outgoing)
DRS Transfer Reject $100
DTC Free Receive or Deliver $25 per issue
Receiving Wires $0
Sending Wires - Equities Account $25
Sending Wires - International Account $35
Outgoing Account Transfer $125
Overnight Delivery $15
International Overnight Delivery $45
Extensions $20
TradeStation IRA Account Annual Fee $35
TradeStation IRA Account Termination $50
Restricted Security Processing Fee $500 per issue
Returned Check $25
Returned ACH $25
Legal Transfers $50 per issue
Options Exercise/Assignment $14.95
Early Assignment/Early Exercises $1.50 per contract ($5.95 min)
Voluntary Tenders $50

Mandatory Corporate Actions

Maturities, Redemptions, Calls $20
Margin Liquidation $50
Option Liquidation $50
Limited Partnership/Non-Standard Asset Re-registration Fee $150 per issue
Limited Partnership/Non-Standard Asset Custody Fee $100 per issue
Stop Payment Fee $25
Short Debit Fees Fees Vary
Broker Assisted Transaction $50
Non-transferable and/or Worthless Security $25 per CUSIP per year
Minimum Activity Fee $99.95 per month (FREE if account meets minimum activity)
Futures Accounts
Service Fee
Hardcopy Per-Trade Confirmation Postage & Handling Fee $1 per copy
External Transfer $25
Receiving Wires $0
Sending Wires from a Futures Account $25
Sending Wires from an International Futures Account $35
Futures Overnight Check Request $15
Deliveries $150 per contract + any applicable delivery costs and exchange fees
Extensions $20
Futures IRA Fees See fee schedule included with Futures IRA application
Futures Returned Check $25
Delivery Liquidation $50
Margin Liquidation $50
Liquidation $50
Broker Assisted Transaction $50
Exercise/Assignment/Expiration $1.20 per contract + any applicable exchange and regulatory fees
Minimum Activity Fee $99.95 per month (FREE if account meets minimum activity)
Credit Interest Rate
Requirement Rate:
Minimum Incremental Balance Over $10,000 0.0%


Non-Brokerage Accounts

Software Subscription

(for subscription-only accounts)
Professionals Non-Professionals

TradeStation Platform

Award-Winning Trading Platform**

Includes up to 27 years of intraday 
historical data for the exchanges you choose.

299.95 / month
Limited to
simulated trading

$249.95 / month
Limited to
simulated trading

TradeStation WebTrading

Place trades and monitor positions and balances from anywhere.

Not Available

Not Available


Custom Real-Time Market Monitoring and Ranking

This feature is highly recommended for equities and futures clients as an enhancement to the TradeStation Quotes window.

$59.95 / month

$59.95 / month

Portfolio Maestro®

A powerful portfolio-level back-testing tool providing advanced analytics, optimization and performance reporting for traders at any level.

This feature is highly recommended for traders who back-test and trade strategies.

$59.95 / month

$59.95 / month


Custom Real-Time Options Analysis

$59.95 / month

$59.95 / month


Need to log on to multiple computers at the same time?

TradeStation can be downloaded on multiple computers (i.e., home and office), but can only be logged in to one computer at a time. Equities and futures clients trading with more than one platform logged in at one time (i.e., trading with a partner) can get additional linked account activity fees waived by meeting multiples of the trading activity or account balance requirements listed above.


Upgrade your trading to TradeStation today

Important Notes:
  1. There is no $50.00 surcharge for any of the following types of phone-in orders: T-Bills, Bonds or Mutual Funds.

  2. When trading Mutual Funds other fees may apply. Please read the prospectus carefully.

For the purpose of exchange fees,
you are deemed a non-professional subscriber if:

  • You are subscribing as an individual in a personal capacity.
  • You are not acting as a principal, officer, partner, employee or agent of any business and do not meet any of the requirements for Professional Subscriber listed below.

For the purpose of exchange fees,
you are deemed a professional subscriber if:

  • You are subscribing on behalf of a firm, corporation, partnership, trust or association.
  • You use the information in connection with any trade or business activities.
  • You plan to furnish the information to any other person(s).
  • You are a securities broker-dealer, registered representative, investment advisor, investment banker, futures commission merchant, commodities introducing broker or commodity trading advisor, money manager, member of any securities exchange or association or futures contract market, or any owner, partner or associated person of the foregoing.
  • You are employed by a bank or an insurance company (or an affiliate of either) to perform functions related to securities or commodity futures investment or trading activity.

Accounts meeting the criteria below receive RadarScreen for FREE and will not be charged an Account Activity Fee.

Equities and Futures accounts having the following trading activity or more in the preceding month:

Futures: 10 round-turn futures or futures option contracts -or- 50 round-turn single stock

Equities: 5,000 shares

Equity & Index Options 50 contracts


For clients with a Forex account only, a FREE version of RadarScreen limited to Forex symbols will be available and no account activity fee is charged regardless of trading activity.


Accounts having a balance of $100,000 on the last day of the previous calendar month.

Accounts meeting the criteria below receive Portfolio Maestro for FREE.

Equities and Futures accounts having the following trading activity or more in the preceding month:

Futures: 10 round-turn futures or futures option contracts -or- 50 round-turn single stock

Equities: 5,000 shares

Equity & Index Options 50 contracts


Accounts having a balance of $100,000 on the last day of the previous calendar month.

Multi-Unit Exchange Pricing (U.S. Markets)

Exchange First Unit Additional Units
NYSE $127.25 $79.50 (2)
$58.25 (3)
$53.00 (4)
$47.75 (5)
$39.75 (6 - 9)
$31.75 (10 - 19)
$30.25 (20 - 29)
$27.50 (30 - 99)
$26.50 (100 - 249)
$23.75 (250 - 749)
$20.75 (750 - 4,999)
$19.75 (5,000 - 9,999)
$18.75 (10,000 plus)

Equity and Futures clients qualify for a Minimum Activity Fee waiver along with FREE access to RadarScreen and Portfolio Maestro when prior month’s activity includes:

10 round-turn futures and/or futures options contracts


50 options contracts traded


5,000 shares traded


$100,000 account balance

Mutual Funds Available to TradeStation Customers

Allianz Funds
American Century Investments
Blackrock Funds
Brandywine Asset Management
Bridgeway Funds
Calamos Investments
Calvert Investments
Davis Funds
Delaware Equity Funds
Dodge &Amp; Cox Funds
Dreyfus Funds
DWS/Scudder Funds
Embarcadero Funds
Fairholme Funds
Federated Mutual Funds
Fidelity Funds
Fifth Third Funds
Firsthand Funds
Forum Funds
FPA Funds
Franklin Templeton Mutual Funds
FundVantage Trust
Fusion Funds
Gabelli Mutual Funds
John Hancock Funds
Harbor Fund
Harris Associates
Hussman Funds
Icon Mutual Funds
ING Funds
Invesco Funds (Acquired Aim And Van Kampen)
Investment Mangers Series Trust
Janus Funds
Jennison Dryden Funds
Kinetics Mutual Funds
Loomis Sayles Mutual Funds
Lord Abbett Mutual Funds
Managers Investment
Manning & Napier Fund

Marsico Funds
MTB Group
Munder Funds
Mutual Series Funds
Navellier Funds
Northern Lights Fund
Oak Associates Mutual Funds
Oakmark Funds
Olstein Funds
Payden & Rygel Investments
Permanent Portfolio Fund
PIMCO Mutual Funds
Prudent Bear Funds
Putnam Investments
The Royce Funds
Rydex Funds
Scout Funds
Strong Funds
Tanaka Funds
Third Ave Funds
Thornburg Funds
Tocqueville Funds
The Torray Funds
Touchstone Investments(Acquired Old Mutual)
T. Rowe Price Mutual Funds
Tweedy Browne Funds
US Global Investors
Value Line Mutual Funds
Vanguard Mutual Funds
Van Wagoner Funds
Virtus Mutual Funds
Wasatch Funds
Wells Fargo Mutual Funds
William Blair Funds
Wilshire Funds
Wintergreen Funds
The World Funds
Yacktman Funds

TradeStation will not accommodate customers entering into physical delivery of commodities underlying futures contracts.

To avoid deliveries of expiring futures contracts as well as those resulting from futures options contracts, customers must roll forward or close out positions prior to the applicable notice periods for physical delivery. Without prior notification to the customer, TradeStation may, at its discretion, liquidate a customer’s futures positon in order to avoid an impending physical delivery. A customer may incur significant costs if a physical delivery occurs due to the customer holding a futures or futures option position into the delivery period.