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Visualize the markets with capabilities you won't find in other platforms

Simply stunning charts — combined with the features and flexibility that serious traders need in an ever-changing market.

  • Traditional to exotic analysis - extensive charting capabilities allow you to view the market from nearly every conceivable angle.
  • Multi-time-frame analysis - view a variety of time frames to isolate market conditions that may directly affect your trading.
  • Gain historical perspective - view the data tick by tick or broaden your perspective with years of historical intraday data.
  • Visualize market moves, potential breakouts, and chart patterns in real time - with TradeStation's exclusive ShowMe™ and PaintBar™ studies.
  • Customize your analysis with intelligent drawing tools - for a more discretionary view of the market.

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Daily Intraday Tick
*TradeStation provides increased amounts of daily history for certain major indices such as Dow 30 (90+ years) and S&P 500
(51+ years).
US Stocks & ETFs 43+ Years 20+ Years 6 Months
US Stock Options,
Index Options, &
Futures Options
Entire Contract Life
US Futures 61+ Years 27+ Years
US Indices 40+ Years* 27+ Years
German Stocks 11+ Years 11+ Years
Eurex Stocks 12+ Years 12+ Years
German Indices 12+ Years 12+ Years
Forex 40+ Years 8+ Years