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Professional-Grade Forex Trading

Forex Trading

TradeStation gives currency traders the advanced charting and analysis, alert scanning and lightning-fast execution they need to succeed. Plus, TradeStation offers you many different ways to back-test, optimize and automate your forex strategies, so you can test your ideas before risking your money.

Quick Trade Bar
Buy and sell any pair instantly with a single mouse click.
Forex News Analysis
Hone in on breaking currency news with real-time news filtering.
Fully Customizable Forex Charting
Get hundreds of built-in indicators – or create your own tools.
Award-Winning Customer Support
Access expert forex support and free platform training and set-up help.
Sophisticated Strategy Back-Testing
Back-test and optimize strategies with 40+ years of currency data.
Free Forex Education
Learn how the pros trade forex – from basic training to advanced techniques.
Track 34 Pairs in One Window
Use custom real-time scanning to find opportunities others just can't see.
Competitive Forex Pricing
We offer tight spreads and fractional pips.*

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