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The School of TradeStation Basics offers a growing variety of downloadable PDF books on the TradeStation platform as well as information on trading the various market asset classes with TradeStation. These free books are written by our Client Education team and by select industry professionals. The goal is to provide a wide range of additional educational content to help you expand your knowledge and skill with the TradeStation platform.

Trading Options with OptionStation

Discover the benefits and risks of options trading. Learn how options are priced, and the factors that determine option valuation. See how basic option positions are built and the risk/reward profiles of various bullish and bearish option strategies. This book also explains and demonstrates the powerful option trading and analysis tools that make up OptionStation.

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Updated: August, 2015

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Getting Started with RadarScreen

This all-new book provides examples of how RadarScreen may be used by a variety of traders, each with a different approach to market analysis and trading. Integrating RadarScreen with other TradeStation tools, analytical styles including top-down, pairs, and multi-interval approaches are highlighted to demonstrate the power and flexibility of RadarScreen. This book is complete with screen pictures taken directly from RadarScreen and TradeStation, bringing the concepts into focus and making it easy for you to learn how to set up your RadarScreen windows to your own specifications.

Price: Free

Updated: June, 2005

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