Strategy Trading: Concepts and Applications Primer, Session 2 – Components, Properties and Performance
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Presented by Stanley Dash, CMT, Vice President of Applied Technical Analysis

Trading strategies is a powerful tool in helping traders become more consistent and disciplined in their trading. Whether a trading strategy is simple or complex, it can offer unique insights into how indicators and markets relate and interact.

In this second session of our two-primer series, Stanley Dash, CMT, VP, Applied Technical Analysis, delves further into the nuts and bolts of strategy trading: development, testing and automation. Stan uses TradeStation-supplied components as well as samples from the Strategy Concepts Club for practical lessons on generating, organizing and testing ideas. This includes a discussion of market data and charts, and TradeStation features such as Look-Inside-Bar Back-testing. He also delves into evaluating strategy performance using TradeStation’s Strategy Performance Report, along with an introduction to optimization. Stan also discusses the ultimate tool for customizing strategies: EasyLanguage.

Among the topics Stan covers are:

  • Using TradeStation-supplied strategy components
  • Strategy properties: Look-Inside-Bar Back-testing (LIBBT), position limits, and more
  • Strategy Performance Report: evaluating back-test results
  • Introducing optimization
  • The role of EasyLanguage®.

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