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Why Repeat 2016 in 2017?

Presented by Clint Coons, Esq., Managing Partner of Anderson Business Advisors, LLC

As an individual trader, your income and expenses hinge on your ability to prove to the IRS you are not an investor but a legitimate business trader. Failure to meet the IRS’s ever-changing definition risks a domino effect whereby:

  • You can no longer use mark-to-market accounting
  • You can no longer carry back losses to prior profitable years
  • Your ordinary losses are subject to the $3,000 annual limit.

Why repeat in 2017 what you did in 2016? Don’t allow the IRS to stack the deck by changing the rules as they go. Learn about tools and strategies used by successful traders to take advantage of benefits given to legal business entities.

Why Repeat 2016 in 2017?



Duration: 60 minutes

Dates and Times:

February 1 2017, 4:30p.m. ET