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From the President

From the President 

At TradeStation, our goal is to be considered the only choice for active traders. No matter what your current level of trading, we can provide you with award-winning analysis and trading tools, dedicated client support and ongoing education that can help you to elevate your trading knowledge and skills.

In designing the TradeStation platform, our objective was to surpass the passive information and execution tools common to other trading platforms. We have created a powerful trading tool that can monitor multiple markets in real time, identify trading opportunities other traders can’t see and send orders to the market with lightning-fast speed. We are continually upgrading the platform, enabling our clients to test, monitor and, if they wish, automate the execution of their trading strategies more quickly and effectively than ever before.

The unique features that have made TradeStation an industry leader – the ability to historically test and automate custom trading strategies – are fully integrated with the unmatched speed of intelligent direct-access execution to all major ECNs, exchanges and electronic futures markets in one easy-to-use interface. Once unattainable for most traders, automated trading can now be a reality for any TradeStation client. TradeStation makes it possible for traders to automatically monitor multiple markets and execute a virtually unlimited number of custom strategies, ranging from the simplest to the most complex.

If you are a committed trader and have not yet experienced the power of TradeStation, we invite you to do so.


Very truly yours,


John Bartleman

John Bartleman, President